Deansgrange Burial Ground

The land for Deansgrange Cemetery was purchased in 1861 and the first burial took place in 1865. The cemetery covers an area of 65 acres and contains the remains of over 140,000 people.

There are more people of national importance buried here than in any other Irish cemetery with the exception of Glasnevin. There are two former Taoisigh, a Nobel Prize winner, an Oscar winner, the most famous tenor of his day, entrepreneurs, actors, artists, musicians and over 20 writers including Frank O’Connor and Flann O’Brien. In addition there are many
other people who have played a part in all the historic events over the last 150 years. These include marine disasters such as the Palme and the Leinster, two World Wars, the Easter Rising, the War of Independence, the Civil War, and all the other events that make up local and national life.


Site: Deansgrange


Dean’s Grange Rd.